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My Mission

To help improve and promote: Proactive, Productive, Personalized, Overall, Health & Wellness lifestyles in families, communities and beyond through training, education and collaboration that individuals and/or groups can be proud of as they create and produce legacies that they can be proud of now and for future generations.”



After a fortunate life of being exposed to and enjoying Physical Activity outdoors as a child, to Collegiate Athletic Sports it was as if I was privileged and destined to help people achieve their Physical Fitness goals , to help them become the best version of themselves. If I could point to a few things I’ve learned over the years its most people don’t necessarily want to work out as much as they want to look good and they need and/or want to have fun, be inspired and set at ease as they embark on the journey of becoming the best  version of themselves. In addition I have learned that people don’t care what you know until they know you care, so therefore im not selling any service but I’m selling. Lastly we all must find out our passion and the ultimate sign that I love what I do is the fact that “I get tired in what I do but not tired of what I do.”

Professional Credentials

Education : Bachelor of Science Human Performance & Health Promotion 
Morrisville State College, New York 2016
Certifications & Awards
  • CPR/First Aid Certified

Testimonies & References

Satisfaction that speaks

Bpfitness offers great collaboration workout routines that both challenge and build teams to become families. The workout routines take mental focus and encouragement to get through and are built to challenge you. Out of the many gyms I have been to, Bpfitness offers the best quality workouts building a strong work ethic and a fit look. I absolutely would recommend this to anyone interested in wanting to challenge themselves and want to have a great workout routine that will bring a smile to your face from the results. - 02/20/2020
Dylan Hancock
Like any mom, I have lots of issue with my back shoulder area that frequently keeps me awake at night. After a few session with Lamar, it sets me up on a good track for a long road of pain relieve. Lamar taught me lots of tricks and moves I can do anywhere anytime, not restricted by equipment or location. This is exactly what I needed, looking forward to bringing this with me everywhere I go. Thank you!
Summer Hu
I have never worked with a trainer who is so committed to his clients and ensures that they have a workout that is specifically designed for their needs. Lamar is extremely considerate; listening to the goals of each client and creating the perfect environment that will push them as far as they are willing to go. I have been with Lamar for about 2 years and I would definitely not be as physically fit without Lamar’s training routine. - 02/20/2019
Sam La Scala
Lamar encouraged me and pushes my limits to improve my physical condition. With Lamar as a trainer it's an excellent way to reach your goals whether it's losing a few pounds, improving cardiac conditioning or going further in endeavors like training for a marathon. His training combined with guidance on eating and nutrition is a no brainer for anyone looking to have a better body!
Carmen Alcala
Lamar is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about helping others achieve their goals. I appreciate how concise his directions were and easy to follow along! I would recommend and trust Lamar to train those closes to me. ♥️ Highly punctual and reliable. His work is modern and innovative and you will never get bored as he’s constantly mixing things up! - 11/06/2018
Andi Santos
Time schedule is flexible. Location is perfect. The class is base on personal need and level. The instructor performs and clarifies the exercise before I do it. Also, he keeps checking on my posture which helps me improve a lot. Recommended. - 06/15/2018
Kiki L.